Custom Fields

This article will show you how to create and use custom fields.

Custom Fields for Accounts and Users

Administrators in Docusend can now create custom fields for users. Custom fields only show in the history and on reports, however they will not show on the fax itself. This feature also enables resellers to create custom fields for subaccounts. Start by clicking your initials/picture on the bottom left part of your screen, then click custom fields. 

Note: Custom fields from the parent account will not work for any sub accounts.

Custom Fax Fields

Administrators can now create custom fields for faxes and use those fields across the entire platform with the option to specify whether users should see the fields when sending a fax, within History, and on reports. Custom fields will not show on the actual fax itself.

To create a new custom field, click ‘create field’. If you want it to be displayed in your history and on reports, keep the box ‘Display in tables’ checked:

It will now show on your send fax page:

Users can also view custom fields within their history and can update their contents after sending by viewing fax info:

Custom fields can also be edited after a fax has been sent or received. To do this, click on the 3 dots next to the fax, click info, and edit at the bottom:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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